Withdrawal from the Good Credit contract

Good Credit is one of the financial products offered by non-bank loan companies to its clients. The decision to take out a loan should be well thought out, because it is irresponsible to take serious consequences for our household budget. If for any reason we want to give up the already undertaken commitment, we have such an opportunity.

Lending companies operate on the basis of the provisions in the Consumer Credit Act of May 12, 2011 (Journal of Laws 2011 No. 126 item 715 as amended), which also regulates issues related to withdrawal from the loan agreement. Thanks to it we receive the following guarantee:

Art. 53. 1. The consumer has the right, without giving any reason, to withdraw from the consumer credit agreement within 14 days from the date of the contract.

How to withdraw from the Good Lender payday loan agreement?


As we have already mentioned, the law assumes that every consumer is given the opportunity to withdraw from the loan contract. However, the consequence of such a decision is the obligation to return the borrowed amount to the lender’s account up to 30 days after submitting the relevant declaration.

In principle, the company should provide its clients with a ready-made template for the said letter. What to do if we do not have access to such a document? The borrower is obliged to make an appropriate statement, which is why we provide our users with a ready-to-fill form below.

Termination of the Good Lender contract


In the Good Lender framework contract we will also find information on the termination of the contract. We have the right to terminate the contract with one month’s notice. However, this does not release us from the obligation to repay the liability together with the costs included in the contract. Termination must be submitted in electronic or written form.


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Withdrawal from the Good Lender contract – consequences

Withdrawal from the Good Lender contract - consequences

In the Good Lender payday framework agreement we will find information confirming the possibility of withdrawing from the contract. This involves the expiry of the obligations that it imposes on both the borrower and the lender. If we do not repay the loan received within 30 days of making the statement, we will charge maximum interest for delay of 0.038% for each day of delay. This entry applies to new customers. Borrowers who use the services of the company once again must take into account the accrual of interest from the first day of payment of the loan in the amount of 0.027%. After 30 days, they will be, as for new customers, 0.038% for each day.

This means that if we borrowed PLN 3,000 and decided to withdraw from the contract after 4 days of its conclusion, we must take into account the need to pay to the lender’s account:

  • on the day of withdrawal from the contract 3000 PLN + 3.24 PLN interest for 4 days,
  • week from contract withdrawal PLN 3,000 + PLN 8.91 interest for 11 days,
  • 21 days from withdrawal from the contract 3000 PLN + 20.25 PLN interest for 25 days.

Withdrawal from the Good Lender contract – how to deliver the letter?


According to the provisions in the Good Lender framework loan agreement, the borrower undertakes to provide the relevant statement within 14 days of its conclusion. It can be in the form of an electronic document sent to the lender’s e-mail address or by post to the address of Good Lender. If in doubt, contact your consultant.

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