Loan for proof via the internet

Evidence loans are primarily comfortable. Why? This is a convenient form of financial support because the whole procedure of applying for cash loans as proof and receiving money can be carried out without leaving home. All we have to do is sit back in the armchair and fill in the form via a computer with internet access.

Evidence loan – what is it and how does it work?

Evidence loan - what is it and how does it work?

We don’t need anything more than good coffee. In principle, coffee is also not needed if we use a comparison tool such as Arthur Dimmesdale. This service will allow us to quickly select products from the loan offer for an ID card. However, we forgot to mention the most important thing, without which a loan for proof will be impossible, namely the identity document.

Lenders guarantee that applying for financial support will not take us more than a dozen or so minutes. Limiting formalities to a minimum by eliminating the need to submit certificates from the workplace and other documents has allowed the creation of a loan product for the evidence itself.

Non-bank loans as proof

Non-bank loans as proof

As the name implies, you will need a valid ID to be able to apply for non-bank loans as proof via the Internet. It is needed to complete all required personal data and create a contract. Acceptance of the application is based on the information we provide, and the non-bank loan as proof will be delivered directly to our bank account. It is important that the ID card we use is current. If we miss the expiry date of the ID card, we may not receive a payday for the ID card and also have problems with completing any official formalities.

Fortunately, we can now do many official matters through the ePUAP electronic platform, which also allows you to apply for a new ID card online. The only thing we have to remember is to create and confirm a trusted profile in advance. It is very simple and quick. Just submit an application for a trusted profile through your ePUAP account and then go to e.g. the Tax Office to confirm your details. Now imagine that a non-bank proof loan is much easier to get than a new ID. When applying for this type of financial support, we don’t have to leave the house.

Loans for proof without certificates – formalities

Loans for proof without certificates - formalities

As we have already mentioned, the formalities when applying for non-bank financial support have been kept to a minimum. As a result, lenders began to call their products a proof loan without certification. The criteria set by lending companies for their clients are significantly different from those we meet with in banking institutions. A proof loan without proof of income allows us to avoid having to inform your employer about financial problems.

For many customers, this is one of the reasons why they decide to take out a loan as proof without earning certificates. Remaining anonymous borrowers in the workplace will be a great advantage for those who want to avoid inquisitive colleagues or questions. In exchange for the documents, we must complete several additional fields on the form, the so-called statement. Despite this, the application for a loan without proof still remains much simpler than for loans in a bank.

Loans for proof online – what will you need?

The ID card loan not only guarantees that the formalities are kept to a minimum, but also that you can avoid long queues at the bank, guarantee a quick decision and finance any purpose with the money you receive. All this is a huge advantage of an online proof loan. At a time when everyone is in a hurry, we are impatient and overworked, online reasoning ensures no additional stress or nerves. If we have an ID card and a device with Internet access, we can proceed to filling the form.

The first step you should take when applying for proof online loans is to go to the lender’s website. There we will find information about the offer and a virtual calculator. Use the sliders to specify the loan amount and period. Online loan proof can be short-term or long-term. Our choice should depend on our own needs and financial capabilities. If we have specified the parameters, we can go further by clicking “Take a loan” or “Submit an application”. We will then be redirected to the subpage where the form is located. At this point, we will need:

  • personal data: name, surname, PESEL (personal identification number), ID card series and number,
  • contact details: email address, phone number,
  • address details: place of residence and registered address.

In addition, loans for online proof require applicants to complete the abovementioned statement. This is information about our financial situation: monthly expenses, income, number of dependents, education, form of employment and workplace. Thanks to this, we don’t have to provide any documents. After completing the form, we will also be required to verify your identity. The lender then decides whether or not the loan for online proof is granted to us.


Evidence loan without income

Evidence loan without income

When looking for financial support, many people confuse loans without certificates with offers that do not require any income from us. Perhaps this is due to the use of these terms interchangeably. We must be aware that the basis for accepting the application will be the ability to pay the liability.

However, the solution for those seeking such an offer may be a guarantor. It is a person who in case of problems assumes the obligation to settle the amount due. It is not surprising that more stringent conditions are imposed on the citizen. Despite this, the borrower is still expected to have a sum available to repay the creditor without any problems, so a loan without proof of income will be impossible. However, acceptance of an undocumented source of earnings is not excluded.

Credit for proof without a bank account

An important element in the positive consideration of an application for a loan or payday loan is to have your own bank account. Is a bank account necessary for online loans? No, because there are other forms of money transfer that we’ll get to soon. However, your own bank account helps you to receive money quickly.

Many companies that provide proof loans advertise very fast loan times. This is possible if the customer has a bank account, because the lender immediately after the approval of the contract transfers to the specified contract amount via electronic banking. If the customer has an account with the same banks that support transfers of a given loan company, they can expect to send money very quickly, even up to 15 minutes.

Loans for ID, or personal contact?

In the case of proof loans, we complete all formalities online. Often, however, online lending companies have their own policies regarding procedures for applying for financial assistance. Therefore, one has to take into account the fact that in the case of some companies, we can receive money only after signing the contract, which the courier personally delivers to our home.

So we fill out the online form, receive a positive decision, and then wait for the courier to appear with the contract. Immediately after reading the documents and placing the signature, the courier informs the lender that the contract signing process was successful, after which the loan company transfers the money. As you can see in this example, sometimes you have to be patient. On the other hand, it should be noted that lenders use courier companies with a recognized brand on the market, so the process is maximally streamlined and automated.

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