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A few weeks ago we shared with you the expenses that you should foresee during the first half of the year to keep your finances tidy all 2019. On this occasion, we break down from July to December the commitments and expenses that you should consider in your annual plan.

Although perhaps not all items apply exactly to your personal finances or those of your family, we strongly recommend you review the plan we propose. This calendar can help you tidy up and set clear goals throughout the year.

July: For many people, July may be the background of the second slope of the year. It is good that you take advantage of the holidays to relax and rest with your family, but do not allow this to uncontrol your finances. This month’s budget should be focused on the expenses involved in returning to school: school supplies, uniforms, tuition, etc.

August: Take advantage of the eighth month of the year to review the status of your finances for the second half of the year.

Remember that an important part of the plans is monitoring.

Check how much you have been able to save, what percentage of your loan is still pending, how your income has increased or decreased.

christmas with money

If you have money available, start organizing the celebrations for Independence Day.

September: Usually, this is a quiet month. Things should be more stabilized and this should be noted in your finances. However, you should not trust yourself. If you have extra money, use it to start an investment, start savings or pay off your debts. You can take advantage of a percentage of your budget to buy the costumes for Halloween and the decoration for the altar of the dead.

October: we are in the final stretch of the year. Don’t let this put you off or make you forget the goals you set in January. In the last three months of the year you can still save enough to pay for your car insurance or raise the money needed to pay off your personal loans. If you usually celebrate Revolution Day with big parties, it is best to buy things in October to make them a little cheaper.

November: Do n’t let Christmas shopping overwhelm your pocket in December. Plan everything you want to buy and start visiting the stores since November.

This way you will have more time to compare and you can take advantage of the Good End offers.

holidays with money cash

December: before you receive your bonus, check how your goals for the year go. Instead of buying clothes or spending it on outings, that extra money can help you accomplish your purposes. And please, don’t spend everything. Save a part to avoid starting the next year battling the January slope.

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